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Webstrategy has been a provider of the Fundación Garrahan since 2003

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At the Fundación Garrahan encourages teaching and research, training in human resources, and continuing education. It is their website, their primary communication and marketing tool. They are channeling through this channel the solidarity from the most diverse sectors of the population towards its Foundation, which arises as recognition of the strong commitment that is maintained to the health of children and adolescents throughout the country.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Support for the recycling campaign
  • Server Operation



Webstrategy ensures the proper functioning of the three Fundación Garrahan sites and aspects of its servers in the cloud and the DNS structure for its proper functioning.



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Provider since 2003


Webstrategy has been our provider since 2003, and we have a very close relationship. They support us for two of our sites:, the institutional site, and, a high-traffic site for paper and plastic recycling campaigns, and recently migrated.

Gabriel Piñeiro – Fundación Garrahan

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