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Our PPC services help you manage all aspects of your paid search campaigns. We develop campaigns, optimize them, and measure ROI and budget directly for you!

    Google Ads Management Services to get more ROI.

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    Somos una agencia de SEO que se especializa en servicios de gestión de PPC. Nuestro equipo está formado por expertos que We’re an SEO agency that specializes in PPC management services. Our team is made up of experts who know how to get your ads seen by the right people at the right time. Whether you need help with keyword research, campaign setup or optimization, we have a solution for you.

    High volumes of traffic

    Google Ads search campaigns can drive high volumes of traffic to your website and in turn increase sales. It is not uncommon for search ads to be the first interaction a user has with your business, meaning that search advertising can make or break a brand’s reputation.

    That said, search ad campaigns are not without their challenges and it requires an experienced hand to manage them successfully. PPC agencies such as Webstrategy have extensive experience in managing search campaigns and understand the fine balance between driving volume traffic and maintaining profitable CPCs (cost per click) – effectively ensuring that you get more web inquiries at a price point which suits your budget.

    Dedicated PPC Experts

    Of all the advertising mediums available to businesses, search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the most targeted and cost-effective. Search engines like Google are essential tools that people use every day while seeking for specific information. The best way to tap into this market is to invest in PPC or pay-per-click advertisements.

    To get an edge over your competitors, you should outsource your SEM campaign management services to a company like ours . We have dedicated PPC experts who can handle all aspects of search engine marketing including SEO , analytics, conversion optimization, mobile advertising , display ads, social media advertisements and more.



    Of all the advertising mediums available to businesses, search engine marketing (SEM) through Google Ads is one of the most targeted and profitable. Search engines like Google are essential tools people use every day to search for specific information. The best way to take advantage of this market is to invest in PPC (pay per click) ads.

    To gain an edge over your competitors, you need to outsource your SEM campaign management services to a company like ours. We have dedicated PPC experts who can handle all aspects of search engine marketing, including SEO, analytics, conversion optimization, mobile advertising, display ads, social media ads, and more.

    Grow Your Business w/ PPC Management

    At Webstrategy, we know that PPC advertising can be an effective way to reach your best audience and grow business. With our custom service plans for paid ads management, you’ll have a professional who understands all the ins-and outs of this strategy so that it works out just right!
    Dominate Your Competition – Get found by qualified prospects on various platforms with targeted keywords or mobile device targeting options available based off their browsing behavior. Target Them Where They’re Active Online – Increase conversion rates through calls-to-action


    Eduardo Miretti

    When we convened Webstrategy, it was due to a crisis of our pages indexed in Google due to a migration of our institutional website and subsequent degradation in rankings. Today SEO traffic is our primary source of income for our Organization’s site.

    Eduardo Miretti

    Image Campus

    In 2021 we began our relationship with the WS team for the SEO strategy of our WINA Brand, whose website is implemented with Hubspot. They help us with the on-page themes of our page and the SEO layer of the blog articles that our editors write.

    Ignacio Grau

    Allaria Ledesma

    We have been working with the people of Webstrategy for a few years now for our leading company: Internacional Óptica. That is why we entrusted them with the digital marketing strategy of our e-commerce for LATAM. From that moment on, the site increased its visibility and the number of keywords on the first page of Google.

    Mariano Portillo

    Internacional Óptica

    Get the right people to the right ads. We can help you.

    Manage and optimize your ads

    LEADER Custom Campaigns

    Nuestro equipo interno de especialistas en Google Ads se Our in-house team of Google Ads specialists will connect with clients individually to learn what expectations they have for their campaign.


    Our PPC team will develop a campaign strategy based on keyword research, landing pages, and performance.

    BAR CHART Management

    We continually monitor ad performance data against a pre-set set of guidelines and metrics to make adjustments..

    DOCUMENT Reports

    We provide clients with reports to help them conclude. They have access to metrics from these reports that help them see exactly how well their project is performing.

    Will Google Ads really make my business grow?

    Google Ads is an advertising platform that targets ad messages to people with particular interests or characteristics. It’s generally considered one of the best platforms for companies who are wanting to grow their business online. Growth marketing strategies are important, because they can help you find new opportunities for your company.

    If you’re willing to invest in improving your advertising, Google ads can be one of the most effective ways for businesses of any level to gain exposure and increase sales. The sooner you start developing a growth marketing strategy, the better off this will likely serve your business in the long-run!

    You want to get more targeted traffic on your website, but you don’t know how.

    Google Ads is a great way to supercharge your site’s exposure and drive more leads and sales.

    We’ll help you create the perfect Google Ads campaign that will generate high volumes of traffic on your website. This is a no-brainer for any business looking to grow their customer base! Our team has helped tens of businesses succeed with our proven methods and we can do it for you too!

    You have set up your online store, but you are not getting the traffic you want.

    The Google Ads tool is designed to help users get more sales with their ecommerce website. Our software helps businesses grow by increasing their click-through rate and conversion rates.

    With our new Google Ads campaign builder for ecommerce websites, we can help you increase your online business revenues by creating professional ad campaigns that will generate high volumes of traffic on your site. This way, your ads will be shown in front of potential customers who are already looking for what you’re selling!

    Increase your reach to potential customers

    Reach new audiences with personalized messages

    Grow your business quickly and easily

    Be seen by potential customers interested in what you have to offer.

    Are you ready to start running a Google Ads campaign?

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