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Core Web Vitals Optimization. As part of Google’s “page experience score,” Core Web Vitals are a subset of characteristics that make up the overall UX of your website.


They aimed to improve the fundamentals of the web, such as page speed, LCP, and CLS. Webstrategy aided the customer by concentrating on resolving these critical web difficulties, improving site scores, and resolving additional Java and CSS-related issues, finally enhancing search engine page rankings.


  • Cloud server, platform and theme selection
  • CWV optimization
  • Pregressive SEO
  • Off page SEO



In order to fix Google Core Web Vitals, we needed to take a multifaceted approach. While there were some generally applicable solutions, many individual issues required a specific intervention. We have worked on hosting, CMS and theme, 3rd party scripts, and image optimization.



PSI score on Mobile


Better UX on Extranet Apps


ISO certified

For several years, our digital service provider


Webstrategy has been our web services agency for several years. With them, we faced our renovation project of our main site, and they gave us support for the ISO certification as far as the web is concerned. Before Core Web Vitals optimization, they helped us undertake a UX project for our Paramedic extranet applications.

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