Does Guest Posting for Backlinks Really Work?

The best types of backlinks are content links from one blog post to another relevant blog post. And with guest posts, you can access them relatively easily. Another reason guest posts are still alive is the fact that most websites accept guest posts, even if they don’t have a “write for us” page. Guest posting isn’t the ideal way to build backlinks.

It takes a lot of time and you often don’t get a response from the site owners or have to pay for it. You also need to give away your content that could otherwise benefit your site. I know that sounds confusing, but successful guest blogging is never focused on backlinks. You blog because you want to build authority and gain a readership.

Any backlinks you get are just random. Guest blogging is an SEO strategy that could be compared to killing two birds with one stone. Not only is it great for content marketing, but it’s also proven to be an effective link building strategy. Any backlinks you get from guest posts should be a by-product of your content, not its sole reason.

But then again — while all of this is going on, it turns out that on the other end of the spectrum, high-quality backlinks for guest posts are much more useful today than ever before. As a leading link building company, Loganix has created thousands of backlinks for guest posts in recent years. From this extensive offering, you should identify the most relevant websites for building high-quality backlinks for guest posts. According to management, black hat SEO practitioners had adopted the once noble marketing strategy and were heavily using spam backlinks for guest posts to manipulate Google search rhythms.

If you follow the guidelines we’ve set, you may be able to secure a few high-quality backlinks for guest posts on high-authority websites. Additionally, you can often include backlinks to your site in the body of the guest post as well, as the infographic below shows. Matt Cutts, the head of search quality at Google at the time, openly criticized this practice and even called on everyone who actively built up backlinks for guest posts to drop the strategy altogether. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that backlinks for guest posts come in the form of either dofollow or nofollow links.

To create high-quality content that brings in authority backlinks for guest posts, you need to set aside your link building priorities and focus most of your attention on optimizing content value instead. Therefore, you need to check whether the backlinks a website provides in its guest posts are follow or nofollow. When I think about it, content creation is the oxymoronic phase of building high-quality backlinks for guest posts.


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