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SEO support focalized on the re-design and migration of the Image Campus website


The client migrated its website, but they overlooked several SEO aspects during the migration. After a few weeks, their rankings drop down dramatically. That implied a drop in conversions to be almost zero and the subsequent drop in course registrations, affecting the business negatively.

Generally, Web design agencies fail in their migration strategies when they overlook SEO issues to keep organic traffic (the most valuable asset they have) without any loss.


  • SEO Audit
  • Setup Analytics & GSC
  • Pregressive SEO
  • Off page SEO



A task force to stop draining rankings was created immediately and began the process of recovering visibility for top search keywords.

After the WS team was able to reverse the trend of declining rankings, they worked on the UX of the site and rolled out 2 more redesigns to reach the current site status with an improved UX and a PSI score of +90 through applying a cloud-based solution



Organic Conversions

+90 PSI

Score Mobile


Conversion Rate

They are our seo partner

We entrust the SEO and SEM strategy to Webstrategy’s team. They helped us consolidate our online presence and always brought proactive improvements to our website or online marketing strategy.

Eduardo Miretti – CEO de Image Campus

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