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Do guest posts help SEO?

Guest posts are useful to optimize your search engine and also your overall marketing plan in helping you build your profile as a brand. When you show your expertise and work with trustworthy websites, you’ll gain credibility with influencers, readers and search engines. This includes posting guest blog posts on … leer más

SEO Shopify

It helps you perform SEO audits, repair broken links, add redirects, optimize HTML title tags and meta tags, and more. So how do you optimize your site for SEO? Whether you run a blog or an online store, this SEO checklist will guide you through the entire process. When it … leer más

Does Guest Posting for Backlinks Really Work?

Guest posting isn’t the ideal way to build backlinks. It takes a lot of time and you often don’t get a response from the site owners or have to pay for it. You also need to give away your content that could otherwise benefit your site. Guest blogging is an SEO strategy that could be compared to killing two birds with one stone.

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